Tomas Nohal
Sound designer and music producer specialized in film and TV sound postproduction, music production and video editing.
Experienced in wide range of music genres and instrumentations (orchestral, chamber, rock, world, electronic and sampled sounds).
Also experienced in editing and mixing sound for film (dialogues, foley, atmoshperes).
  • orchestral score recording
  • preparing screen-locked tempo tracks for recording sessions
  • music parts separation from delivered scores, print production for recording
  • music recording directing
  • editing of recorded material
  • mixing and mastering
  • creating music mockups before recording
  • managing communication between film producers, composers, orchestrators and technicians

  • dialogue tracks, ADR
  • atmospheres
  • foley
  • editing and mixing
  • audio restoration (damaged or low-quality sound material)

  • close colaboration with music composers, working with music scores
  • editing music tracks and adjusting musical forms to screen
  • building temporary music tracks